Residential Services

Macsolv is staffed by Apple-certified professionals who love to work with Macs. Our computers are typically tricked-out with upgrades and mods - both hardware and software. We enjoy reading Mac-oriented websites and meeting with other Mac and iOS users. All that to say that we know an awful lot about Apple's products. And, we'd love to use our knowledge to help you.

Macsolv offers the following services to our individual customers:

Pre-purchase support

Need help figuring-out what Mac is best for you? How much RAM should it have? Storage size? Other considerations? We can guide you through the process and even help you make your purchase.

New Mac installation and configuration

Once you've got your new Mac home, what do you do then? Let us use our knowledge and tricks to optimally configure your new Mac to make sure that it will best suit your environment.

iOS (iPhone and iPad) configuration and integration

Upgrade installation

Have you had a Mac for a while, but experiencing some limitations? wish it could do a little more? Breathe new life into your older Mac with upgrades. We'll add more RAM, upgrade your hard drive (including transferring your data) to a solid state drive, etc. But that's just the beginning! We can help you turn your Mac into a TV (or HDTV), a Personal Video Recorder, or your own worldwide private streaming service.

Home Integration

Would you love to have an integrated home with (intelligent?) Wi-Fi speakers, smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart garage doors (that let you know if you left them open!), and other great Internet of Things (IoT) making your life easier? Macsolv employs consultants who have the knack to understand and integrate these and things like home media servers, 3D printers, weather stations, and other technologies. And a lot of it can be completely automated. We can make your outdoor lights come on at sunset while turning them off at a reasonable hour… or change the color of lighting in your home so that your kids know it's time to get their shoes on and head for school… have your home temperature and lighting set for you when you are headed home for the day. And these are just the beginning of what can be done.

Home networking

Now that you've got all those great media files on your computer(s), why not share them around the house? Or maybe you have multiple computers and a high-speed Internet connection but have no idea how to go about getting them all 'net-connected. We can get you there! Whether you want the simplicity of a wireless connection or the speed and power of a hardwired connection, we've got you covered. Note: In most cases, hardwiring your home will need to be done by one of our partners.

Website creation

To be frank, website creation is not our forté. But, we did do this one ourselves! If a website of this caliber works for you, we'd be glad to help get your thoughts and ideas on the web. We can even help you register a domain name, find a hosting provider, and transfer your web files so that they are online. Drop us a line if you are interested.

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