Business Services

Our Apple-certified consultants are ready to help you get down to business.

We have years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, state & local governments, and even video game production companies. Let us save you time and money by providing you with the right blend of consulting and professional services. We'll do it right and stand behind our work.

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Network Planning and Implementation

From a simple wiring closet/workgroup upgrade to planning core data networks for telco carriers and Fortune 100 companies,
Macsolv's consultants have a wide range of successful networking experience. We can design your data center, arrange your cabling, construct your racks, and designate the hardware. Let us bring this experience to bear to understand your exact needs and bring your vision to life.

Hardware and Software Installation, System Setup, and Upgrades

Brand new computer need to be installed? Need to upgrade an old machine to extend your investment? Time to update your systems to their most optimal configurations? We can recommend and install everything from RAM, hard drive or solid state drive (SSD), and processor upgrades to printers, scanners, tablets, and more.

Backup Solutions and Strategy

When it comes to modern business, your data is your lifeblood. We can't imagine any business that can survive catastrophic loss of it's data. With a good backup strategy, your business need never experience this kind of disaster.
Macsolv can recommend tried-and-true backup solutions and implement them for maximum safety and efficiency.
iOS Deployment

iOS Deployment

Macsolv technicians hold the Mobile Technical Competency ("MTC") certification from Apple®. This means that we are trained and ready to roll out your iPads to your staff, students, guests, etc, in a way that makes sense to everyone involved. Let Macsolv help setup your base iPad® "image," then help you decide how to rollout apps, content, and restrictions. Want to assign someone an iPad and manage it? We can do that. Want to create a pool of iPads that can be checked-out with a user's personalized environment and after it is returned, check it out to someone else with their environment? We can do that, too. Let's manage your volume purchase plan ("VPP") app pool and enroll your devices in macOS® with Server's mobile device management ("MDM") service.

AirPort®/Wi-Fi/WLAN Network Implementation

Wireless network configuration is a lot more complicated than plugging-in and turning-on. Factors such as security, load-balancing, and capacity planning should be considered.
Macsolv's consultants were trained directly by Apple's AirPort product managers and have implemented successful, high-performing secure networks with access points numbering in the dozens. Stephen is also a Certified Wireless Technician, ready to meet your WLAN needs!
macOS Deployment

Image Creation and Deployment

It can take about three hours for a veteran Mac user to configure a new machine with all the needed system updates, software installations, and configuration of settings. While this is fine for one or two machines, it can mean big losses in productivity on a larger scale. With a small additional investment in time,
Macsolv can turn a new, perfectly-configured Macintosh into a deployment image. With a deployment image, a new Mac can be out-of-the-box and in fully-configured production in as little as 20 minutes. Per-computer configuration mistakes are minimized. Imagine the power that can evolve from ease of such rapid deployment. Entire departments can be made ready in minutes. A computer returning from service with a wiped hard drive can quickly be returned to production.
macOS Server

macOS with Server setup and configuration

Macsolv has installed literally hundreds of instances of OS X Server and macOS with Server. We are familiar with operation of all services. We know what every button and setting does, as well as when changes need to be implemented outside of the Server user interface. Let Macsolv set up your server to meet your demanding business needs. And, if you want to look over the shoulder of the consultant while the work is done, that's appreciated.

Contacts Server
Calendar Server
Deployment (Mac and iOS)
† File Sharing
* Directory Services with Network Accounts, Mobile Accounts, or Portable Homes
† Print service
† Web service
Mac OS X Managed Client X configuration
* Profile Management (MDM)
High Availability
Training & Seminars
Tech Support
Remote Support & Monitoring
Digital Certificate (TLS/SSL and X.509) creation, installation, and maintenance

Important notes about macOS versions more recent than 10.13:

† These services are now configured within macOS instead of Server
* Only these services are available with macOS 10.14+ with Server 5.8 and later
Please see this Apple Support Article for more information.